Marie Sinclair

Marie Sinclair, Social Media Advisor

Marie is a results-driven social media marketing manager, helping businesses grow their online presence and achieve marketing goals. She has worked within sales and marketing for both small businesses and blue chip organisations for over 20 years, specialising in social media after running a successful online fashion site. Marie helps entrepreneurs, starts ups and SMEs find their social media focus by designing, delivering and continuously developing strategies unique to them. She understands the language of business and knows the importance of delivering results.


Marie Sinclair: ‘Social media will only continue to be integral to businesses. Start now so the future will be easier’

We speak with our Social Media Advisor Marie Sinclair about her role and work.

Tell us a little bit about your work and your role?

I help businesses reach their target market via social media through effective and relevant consistent content marketing and engagement.

What does your work with a client usually involve?

My work with a client always starts with an intensive audit of their active social media accounts. I get to understand their aims and what they want to achieve through social media and why. Ensuring the accounts are going to convert users into customers before starting a campaign is essential. I complete competitor analysis to further understand the client’s industry and discover things we could potentially implement in their strategy. I then work with the client on a final strategy; assessing where they are now and where they need to be. This includes identifying the audience, target verticals, brand voice and in-house style consistency. We highlight key deliverables for the campaign and I measure results via Google Analytics and each platform’s own analytical data. To post efficiently and consistently I use scheduling tools like Buffer; however, I also work on a reactive basis and will post trending content as and when it's needed.

What excites you about your role?

I love how every day is so varied and different! I also love how I get to use my organisational skills and use my creativity at the same time. Working with different clients and projects definitely keeps me on my toes.

What have your highlights been so far?

It was a definite high when I landed a contract with the musicians Blackfield. I was hired to help promote their tour to their fans and get the engagement back into the social media accounts. Apart from the fact I’m a fan, it was a very successful campaign, over-achieving on targets.

What are the challenges currently facing your sector?

Keeping on top of the social media algorithm changes! In this line of work you need to ensure you’re up to date on the best way of reaching your target market and how you’re engaging with them for each social media platform to stay ahead of the game and get results.

Do you find companies try to do this area of work themselves - and get stuck? What are the common issues?

The common issues are thinking they need professional photos or videos to upload so the amount of content they end up posting is varied week to week and ends up being less consistent than what it should be. Another common issue is not thinking about strategical timings, ie, posting when most of your target market are online and browsing content, and not utilising Instagram and Facebook stories.

Should a busy entrepreneur prioritise this area of work? How can they make time for it with everything else on their plate?

Gaining an online audience through social media is a vital strategy within any business. Whether it’s to gain brand awareness or to increase sales, you need to stay ahead of the competition and expand your reach to keep existing customers on board and to gain new ones. Time is always a struggle when you’re running a business, the advice I give my clients is to post at least once a day on Stories. Stories are quick and easy and you can make the post fun, interactive and the content can literally be anything!

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Never stop learning.

How do you see your work changing over the next ten years?

Currently my work is mainly focused on brand building and customer engagement for businesses. I think social media will only continue to grow and become an integral part of any business. Not only for marketing and communications, but for supply chain, customer service and data value. It will become much more competitive so to stay ahead of the crowd, it’s best to start now so the future will be easier.

What do you do when you're not at work?

I love to keep fit and rejuvenate with yoga. I’m also kept busy by my daughter, Scampi the cat and her sister Poppy, and Maggie the dog!

What are the benefits do you think of working together in a collective way like Runway Advisors?

For the client, everything that they need for each business area is under one roof and they know that these are reputable, trusted professionals. For us, the advisors, it’s incredibly valuable to have a knowledgeable pool of people we can seek advice from and pass on to our own clients.

Agony Aunt: ‘How do I find the time to create great content each week?’

If you’re starting out, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Start with an aim of 2 – 3 pieces of content a week and increase it as you learn what makes great content for your business and as you get some practice. Get snapping or filming anything and everything whilst you’re in the office, at home, eating out or just out on a walk. This will get you your pool of content together that you can call upon when you’re scheduling posts. Everything you take may not necessarily make it on your social media, however it’s great practice to get into the content making rhythm. If you have a team, why not ask them to answer 5 interesting questions and you can package their responses in a form of a quote graphic using simple tools like Pablo by Buffer or Stencil? This will give you enough content to spread out across a few months. You can really make it about your brand as well by always having the same colour and font and make sure you add your logo!

Recycling is another great content creation strategy to implement. You can not only recycle content of your own, you can also share articles and videos of other users, ideally content that’s viral. If it has a vast amount of likes or views then you know its gaining great engagement already and is being well received, but make sure it’s relevant to your audience. Upcycling is another great tip. You don’t have to create different content for each platform; you can upcycle across all your platforms with that one piece of content. You may want to adjust the message in your caption to suit each platforms audience but this will save you time in content creation alone.

Also, adding trending hashtag days to your content calendar will not only give you inspiration but it will ensure you don’t miss out on key dates.

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