Katha Wood

Using the combined approach of Solution Focussed Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Katha enables her clients to make significant, often extraordinary, changes in their professional performance. Business frequently overlooks the power of the mind. Katha looks at what the client wants to achieve, rather than at the problems that prompted them to seek change. Katha can help you explore ways to increase your professional growth, particularly during times of change. Outcomes include increased capacity, better focus, feelings of calm and control, reduced stress, clearer goal setting and improved communication.

Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do, Katha? What is Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy (SFH)?

Being a Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist means that I am trained in the art of applying scientific research to guiding clients who are looking to point their lives in a more positive direction. We work together step by step, educating and informing, steering and guiding all the way, but ultimately following the lead of the client in terms of where their next priorities lie. Most of that part of the work comes under the heading of Solution Focussed Therapy. The Hypnotherapy part of the work is merely the ability to facilitate a trance state or a state of relaxation which enables the client, amongst numerous benefits, to absorb the work that they carry out with me more effectively and efficiently into their subconscious mind.

Is there a particularly good time to embark on a programme of SFH?

SFH can be particularly effective during moments of change. Whatever kind of change you are endeavouring to create in your life, whether you are trying to find and achieve your potential, recover from knocks, take better decisions, achieve more, feel more in control, sleep better at night or represent your team, your family, your school, your university or your country, SFH can help you.

How does this work in the business setting?

Business frequently overlooks the power of the mind. We look at what the client wants to achieve, rather than at the problems that prompted them to seek change. Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can help you to feel calmer and to be more in control, to improve your confidence, your focus, your performance and to achieve the clarity you want, so that you can set clear objectives and achieve them. The end results might include increased capacity, better focus, feelings of calm and control, reduced stress, clearer goal setting and improved communication… all good for better business!

How did you get into this career?

I got into it as a result of seeking help and guidance myself. I have a background in small business, family life and a life spent around performance horses. I have experienced many highs and lows and trials and tribulations in various microcosms of life – its ups and downs. I have had to handle successes and failure, take knocks and falls, get back up from them, work through challenges and move forward, all the way finding peace in my mind, calm and an ever increasing focus . I sought help after a very difficult period in my own life, to help me not only to get back up onto my own two feet but to help me to find out which direction I should be going in. Strangely, one of the results I found through this work, as a result of the suggestion of my own Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy, was to study this work and pursue it as a career myself – so I did!

What have some of your highlights been?

Highlights occur for me every week. All signs of seeing clients progress represent highlights to me.

What do you think your industry will look like in 10 years’ time?

I think (and hope) it will be rife! I hope it will be. I think everyone should have the opportunity to work on a regular basis with someone who does my kind of work. Having the opportunity to be accountable on a weekly basis is a great discipline – checks and balances – not to mention the utter joy and benefits facilitated in weekly relaxation – it’s like a weekly massage for the mind. Other benefits include focussing on a weekly basis on what is going well in life, work, business – not something that most people naturally do in this day and age. The focus tends to be more on what’s wrong, putting out fires, problem-solving. Giving clients the opportunity to be accountable to someone, to focus on what is working in their lives, to be held accountable to the choices they are making on a weekly basis, the habits that represent their life and then to hold a bright light up to what life would look like it it was a bit better –  facilitating moving forward, to enable these things to happen. I hope everyone will be seeing a Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist in the future!

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