Georgie Wood

Since graduating from Bristol University in 2017, Georgie has been working for a range of clients across various industries, producing smart, crisp websites via a platform called Squarespace. Led by their requirements and taste, Georgie creates a site that showcases her client’s skills or products that they can be really proud of. When not at her computer, Georgie is either on a horse, or driving between the two!

Read our interview with Georgie here to find out more about her work and interests

Georgie, what does your work week usually look like?

It’s a busy one! I spend a lot of time with one regular client in London and have other clients that I work with too. There’s no such thing as ‘normal’ working hours when you love what you do.

How did you get into web design?

By chance really. I always found ICT at school came quite naturally to me. I was given the opportunity by a client to produce a few websites for them for various parts of their business, which then led on to doing a few more for some of their contacts and it has grown from there.

Is there a typical ‘Georgie Wood’ website look or style?

Not particularly – it is client-led depending on their sector and style. But I aim for all my websites to be crisp, clear and smart.

Do you find a lot of people try to design their own sites and then get stuck?

Definitely. I have taken on a few projects where clients have got into a muddle trying to design a site themselves and I step in and help. Sometimes it is possible to advise them of the best way to sort out what they are doing to carry on by themselves – they just need to be shown the way.

Do you think many young people see setting up their own business as a viable career path?

Starting up your own business is definitely applauded and respected amongst your peers. I think there is great uncertainty at the moment, due to the changing political landscape, so some people I know are holding off making big decisions. However, I think those that wish to pursue entrepreneurship will do so despite those factors.

What have some of your work highlights been so far?

Happy clients are hugely rewarding!

What do you do when you’re not working?

Producing and competing horses in the sport of eventing. When I’m not at my desk or on a horse (or driving up and down the country between the two), I am either in the gym or trying to find a moment to be sociable!

What’s next for you, Georgie?
Aiming for world domination in either web design or eventing – or both!

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