Life is Tough…..and also Miraculous

What You Didn’t Know About T-Boz and TLC


T-Boz and TLC sold 70 million albums worldwide. America’s best selling girl band ever.

On the way, they declared bankruptcy, and she battled sickle-cell anemia and a brain tumour.

She’s 49 now, at the time of writing this,  and beat both death sentences.

Here she is talking about this difficult time and a reminder of who TLC were.


When we do our absolute best today, even though we know that tomorrow might change everything – then that’s success.

TLC had to constantly develop music that stayed fresh and relevant.

Revelation, and Reinvention, is every day.

Creativity is a muscle – not something you have, or you don’t have. If we find some small way to be creative, every single day, then the muscle gets developed.

So we need to find something scary, challenging – and creative – every day.

Things can get really dark. But we feel better if we hold on, and that makes us stronger. The light always returns.

Life is Tough.....and also Miraculous


Keep on going.

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As ever,
Ed Wood