Don’t Hire Someone Because They’re The Best Of A Bad Bunch

Always Think Of Your Team Members First

Don't Hire Someone Because They're The Best Of A Bad Bunch

Having the welfare of your team members in the forefront of your mind will pay rich dividends – especially when they are, themselves, going through hard times.

Make sure that they feel valued, respected, cared for and appreciated.

Do as you would be done by.

Remember, above all, that people take most decisions for emotional reasons. They may justify them with logic, but the underlying reason for nearly all decisions is, at root, an emotional one.

You come to recruit a new person or new people. You haven’t recruited before. And so, maybe, you fall into the trap of hiring the wrong person through lack of understanding of what work they are going to do, or interviewing them badly. (Read my post on ‘How to Interview Your Next Star’)

So, you hire them fast. And then you agonise forever before you fire them.

It should be the other way round – you should hire slowly, and fire quickly.

Take time creating the job, skills and personality specification. Interview them at least twice, maybe three times.

Interview them with somebody else. Compare notes afterwards.

Only hire when you are sure. If you think the person you might hire is simply the best of a weak lot of candidates, don’t hire them.

Watch this great video where Jack Ma gives his hiring tips.


As ever,
Ed Wood