Lead Your Own Business As An Entrepreneur

Lead Your Own Business As An Entrepreneur


The buck stops with you.

And, if you want to make your business great, it’s up to you. And only, you.

Scary thought maybe. You’ve got to recruit, get the key people in place, build your team, set and chair your meetings. And multi task.

You need customers, suppliers, advisors, investors, lenders, freelancers and full time employees to WANT to work with your business.

So, the job starts with you. You have got to stand out. Be authentic. Always go the extra mile. Walk the walk, not just talk the talk, if you want that to happen. Lead by example.

Lead Your Own Business As An Entrepreneur

You must make sure you have the right skills on board. It starts with a skills audit – are you technician, manager, entrepreneur all in one (ie a sole tradership) or are you bringing in others?

If the latter, work out which of you will fill each of those roles, and then go on to work out how strong each of you is with:

• People/team building

• Marketing

• Selling

• Negotiation

• Finance

• Administration

• Strategy (conception)

• Operations (execution)

• Tech, systems

Be very clear on this, if you are to build your business house on sound foundations. You need to do some hard thinking, and allocate those roles to the right people.

Take a look at this insightful video from Gary Vee as he gives sound advice on business strategies for entrepreneurs.

As ever,
Ed Wood