How To Support And Review A Member Of Your Team

How To Support And Review A Member Of Your Team And A New Hire

Supporting a new hire and reviewing them can be difficult…..


Once you introduce a new hire to your business it’s key to offer support and ensure reviews are given. Make sure you get them to write down, within their first three months, what they see in your organisation which is good, that which is less so, that which needs changing, and what changes they think should be made, and what part they might like to play in bringing about such changes. This will send them a message, early on, that you are you are listening to them, and value their views.

After three months they will have become part of the furniture, and will probably have lost their fresh incomer’s view – which can help an organisation so much.

Hires in place, it is time to build your team.

How To Support And Review A Member Of Your Team And A New Hire

While there must be ground rules, hopefully you will grow an organisation where people can breathe freely and make contributions which will be valued. Let them know who got a result, who scored a goal – tell everyone. Develop a climate of support. Encourage individuals. Bring them in. Get them excited – people can usually find more energy for the things that excite them. Treat them as people. Keep them happy. If they’re not, find out why, and do something about it.

Review every member of the team twice a year – take plenty of time over it – & support them to achieve their goals.


When you review a member of your team…

Decide whether their last year was good, satisfactory or bad. Help them to feel supported as part of the team. Find out what they found it difficult or stressful and ask them what they found most rewarding.

Work out, with them, their priorities for the coming year. Find out how they can see themselves improving their contribution to the company – and the team.

Get clear on what training could support them. And so on.

At least once a year, take your whole team out for a day to do something fun. Bond with them. Not only will everyone enjoy this, but it will add a broader dimension to relationships within the team, and help them to support each other more – as fellow human beings, not just as work colleagues.

How To Support And Review A Member Of Your Team And A New Hire

And then there’s meetings. But, not too many. They must all have a purpose. A monthly management meeting is the staple. You and your key people must attend. Papers should go out at least two days ahead of the meeting, and be taken as read once the meeting starts. It is critical to decide what you want to get out of the meeting. Fix the dates for every month at the beginning of each year. Treat them as sacrosanct.

I found this thought provoking Tedx Talks by Kerry Goyette on employee motivation that is connected to your support and review of a member of your team. I’d love to know your thoughts.

As ever,
Ed Wood